PT Success Story – Maeve White

  "'Id always been large chested and no matter how much weight I lose, my chest remains the same! I finally bit the bullet and got a referral from my GP for a breast reduction operation. The only problem was I needed to lose a stone to meet the requirements! I had...

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PT Success Story – Jessica O Callaghan

  "My entire adult life I shied away from any type of physical fitness challenge; quitting before I'd even begun so that I couldn't fail. Following the very sudden death of my younger brother (age 39) due to heart disease, I made a decision to re-evaluate my physical...

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PT Success Story – Georgina Dineen

  For ages, I had seen pictures on Facebook and heard about emf in Blarney but when January 2017 came round and Eoin was doing a health and nutrition talk in the GAA I decided to attend. It was there and then I decided I wanted to get my life back and lose all this...

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Success Story – Susan O Sullivan

  "To cut a long story short my health wasn't the best so I was given a right kick in the rear and told lose the weight and get my cholesterol down to an acceptable level. I'd heard all sorts fantastic stories about EMF and finally, after seeing such an amazing...

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PT Success Story – Jennifer Caballero

  - After having my third child I was in quite a lot of continuous hip pain due to pregnancy-related issues. Doctors told me that exercise was the key to getting the pain under control, however any exercise I undertook just seemed to make it worse - Pilates, walking,...

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PT Success Story – Marie Mc Sweeney

- I decided to start personal training as a form of stress release . I was never a sporty girl, if truth must be told I was the sub they threw on the pitch for a run around for the last 5 mins. With changes in my career and moving around I've met some amazing trainers...

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