Fiona Duggan – PT Success Story

- Ive joined lots of gyms before but never for too long, I have to admit I would get bored with the programmes very quickly & the gyms were quite impersonal. I've suffered from back pain for a long time but it became quite sore in recent years. I've a busy job,...

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Failing at Fat-loss with Snake Oil Salesmen.

Bullshit thinking to complex problems.   Sugar is the problem. All we need to do is move more. If you just apply an ideal of goodness to the wholesome locally produced food you consume it will null and void the calorie load.¬†Bullshit reasoning to complex...

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Rachelle Owens – PT Success Story

  - - - Timeline - 4 Months - Goal - Photoshoot preparation - Results - Body fat drop 5% - Weight drop - 3.5kg - Lean Mass Increase - 2kg Rachelle is a pleasure to train and one of the hardest working females I have ever had the good fortune of working with....

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