Theresa Healy. Female fat-loss transformation

– Fantastic work by Theresa in just 8 weeks.8kg down and her goal weight achieved. 8cm off her waist and body fat down 4%. Strength increased from a 8kg kettle bell deadlift to a 55kg barbell deadlift for 5 reps. Countless other feats of strength performed by... read more

How your friends are fudging your fat-loss efforts

     “If its in the house I just cant seem to stop myself” “She just ordered the pizza, what could I do?” “My wife is just the best cook, her extra chocolate bun brownie cakes are so good, you cant just eat one!” – If any of these sound familiar to you your... read more

Kieran O Byrne – Online PT Client Transformation

  Figure 1. Kieran O Byrne May 25th to August 28th   Fantastic results seen by Kieran in only a 3 month period. Kieran is himself a coach and had been just coming off a knee surgery repair when he started online PT with me in May. A highly capable and... read more