Death to the Sad Step Stereotype

Intro: If you want to lose weight, by definition you need to track weight in order to achieve your goal. If you wanted to drop a dress size, you need to check your dress size every now and again. If you want to increase the top speed of your car you would make...

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How to sleep better and snore harder

How to sleep better and snore harder Sleep is over rated. 4 hours is the new 8. You can sleep when your dead. Some of the lines I use when consoling poor folk that have terrible sleep patterns. Well maybe not the last one, its sound like something more suited to Wall...

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Got shakes? A sceptics guide to protein powder

So this article post has been inspired by learning that when I was a teenager my mother used to replace my protein powder with cocoa powder. Apparently she did it quite regularly and I never even noticed. If only I had gotten vanilla flavour every now and again I...

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