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PT Success Story – Saura Murphy

- I have lead an active lifestyle for many years and was a member of a hill walking club where we regularly climbed some of Ireland and the UKs tallest Mountains. However, over the years I felt my fitness and strength begin to suffer which lead me to not be able to...

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Online PT Success Story – Graeme Farrell

- I began online coaching with Eoin, because contrary to my own knowledge and experience, I felt I needed someone to keep me in line. Having studied with Eoin in the past, I knew how hard he works, and I was sure I'd be in good hands. Having left a job in hospitality...

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Success Story – Abigail Goggin

- 10 WEEK FITNESS AND FAT-LOSS PROGRAM SUMMER 2017 BEST TRANSFORMATION WINNER  I had been trying to lose weight and tone up for the best part of 2 and a 1/2 years. I tried SlimmingWorld, Weight Watchers you name it. They had worked for my friends but never for me. I...

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