It’s Not About Me, It’s About You.

Yes, I have played sport my whole life and lifted weights for over ten years now. However, I have made countless mistakes during those times which has lead me on an endless search to figure out the art and science behind training and nutrition. The journey has lead me to America, Australia, the UK and even a bed in the sports surgery clinic in Santry. We all fall down and get hurt along the way. Its how we react to these challenges is what defines us in the long term I really feel.

But I am here to help you. To make you feel comfortable, confident and sure of yourself in the gym environment. I am fully aware that you are giving up your leisure time to train in EMF. Therefore we are going to enjoy every minute of it.

Results driven and banter based is how we achieve greatness down EMF way.

I have won All- Ireland medals in Athletics and National Intervarsity titles in Boxing in my sporting career. This showed me the dedication required to achieve great goals against pretty tough odds. However, I have lost more than I have won, being frustrated more than I have been overjoyed and suffered the pain of chronic injury on more than one occasion. The road has been bumpy and uneven but I firmly believe I have made all these mistakes so you don’t have too.

Only one of two things will happen for you when working with me. Either you achieve everything you set out to and have a wonderful, magical and error-free time or you simply have underestimated the work required and overestimated the resources you have to dedicate to that goal. Either outcome is a win for you because you learn about yourself in both.

If the goal posts change over time I am with you every step of the way to help you with whatever goals you may have from your training and nutrition.


  • MSc Strength and Conditioning, Cardiff Metropolitan University 2015.
  • Bachelor of Business (Honours), Cork Institute of Technology, 2012.
  • Bachelor of Recreation and Leisure Management, Cork Institute of Technology, 2011.
  • UKSCA Associate member.
  • ITEC Sports Injury and Rehabilitation massage therapist.
  • EHFA Personal trainer certification.
  • 8 years’ experience working as a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach.



Kieran O Byrne 

Sport and Exercise Science graduate from I.T Carlow. Having worked with Olympians, professional athletes and development athletes over the last 5 years helping people feel great and reach their goals has been my profession and passion throughout that time. My positive outlook on life has allowed me to maintain long-term relationships with many clients and athletes alike over the years to keep me forever learning how best to help people help themselves.
I had knee surgery 2 years ago and it was a mental and physical set back as I realized how much work had to be done to get back normal function. Through that time, injury rehabilitation and regular exerciser has been key to me getting my body and mind back on track.

Having also worked in nursing homes and care centers for over a year, my experiences in sport and personal training has led me to believe nobody should have their physical ability taken for granted and everybody can have exercise adapted to their needs. Sufficient guidance and quality enthusiastic coaching can help bring out the best in people every day.


BSc Sport Science, Institute of Technology, Carlow 2014

  • Level 1 and 2 IRFU Rugby coaching certificates.
  • Fit-Pro associate member.
  • Occupational First aid and AED certified.
  • The nicest person at least 5 of my friends say they know.