Personal Training

Personal training is ideal for those that may have a particular goal in mind or special event coming up. Clients in the past have looked to lose weight, increase their mobility and build lean, toned muscle. Others have gotten in the best shape of their life for a wedding, holiday or to fit into a new piece of clothing.


Class circuit style training using various resistance moves, body weight exercises and aerobic conditioning sets to help build lean, toned and strong muscles. Class numbers are keep small to ensure a high level of coaching and maximal enjoyment. A high intensity, full body circuit for those looking to burn fat, get fit and learn how to lift some heavy loads. Open to all levels of experience.

On-line Coaching

On-line coaching is ideal for those who already train in another gym or are unable to travel to EMF for coaching. Assessment packages can be added to any on-line coaching package if you wish to visit EMF for a one off consultation.