Pic 1. PT client Georgina Hallows

What is personal training?

Essentially it is training instruction and lifestyle advice that is personal. In EMF everything single thing we do is personal and client centred but here we take it to the next level.

Provided you are a good fit for personal training at EMF (maybe classes or online coaching would suit your goals better) we initially have a sit down and map out what is required for you to reach your health, fitness and weight loss goals.

Here we will be realistic about what we can achieve with the time and energy you have to give this new regime. We will decide on some short and long term goals that will then work back to the present day and determine what is required on a daily, weekly and monthly bases to reach that goal.

A physical assessment will take place also where we look at your movement through the main strength training exercises such as squats, hinges, pulls and presses to determine what level of programming will be prescribed for you. A look at your core strength, balance and flexibility will also be take place so we can make your program as specific and enjoyable as possible for you.

A full battery of body measurements is taken to ensure we gather as many pieces of the puzzle as possible. This will include, body weight, BMI, girth measurements, body-fat, pictures and clothes sizes.

Next we make a deal.

We look at your nutrition habits, your lifestyle habits and the factors that influence your decision making and broker a deal on what can you do to make better choices every day.

This deal will form the fabric of your experience of personal training at EMF. We will agree on a check in day where you will update me on how your nutrition is going and voice any concerns or issues you are having so I can help you solve them without delay. We will set out a healthy habit formation plan where you will work on two habits per week and built that into 6-8 habits per month. A nutrition plan will be set out based off your previous experiences with eating for a goal and a specific format of tracking will be set up for you to make the process as simple as possible.

We seal the deal with a handshake and a promise. If you promise to be honest with me at all times in regards how everything is going for you I literally promise to do everything within my power to help you reach your goal in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Emma Cahalane






Pic 2 and 3 PT Client Emma Cahalane.













Paddy Pic                                                                                  Picture 4. PT Client Paddy Dwan

Why chose EMF?

With EMF you get an unrivalled track record of results and genuine great experiences from past and current PT members. Just take a look at the success stories section to see some of the amazing transformations that have occurred since EMF opened its doors.

While we have seen some phenomenal physical transformations in EMF I am most proud of the mental ones that have occurred. People finding a way to exercise that they love and can easily fit into there lifestyle. People creating a flexible but good choice orientated relationship with food that allows them to eat whatever they want but in a way that suits there goals at the time are the factors that make progress life long.

I love what I do and I am committed to figuring out the best way possible to help people become the best version of themselves. We all start somewhere and we all have hopes and aspirations. At EMF we find out what works for you. We make it enjoyable, sustainable and realistic in the hope that in working with us it is the last health and fitness program you ever start and also the most successful.

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Pic 4. 6 month photo shoot preparation. I would never ask a client to do something I was not willing to do myself.





Personal training membership packages are as follows –

2 sessions per week – €65/Week

3 sessions per week – €92.50/Week

All memberships are based off a minimum commitment of 3 months. This timeline is necessary to ensure appreciable results are seen and maintained.
After completing an application form you will be sent the payment link for the package best suited to your needs.

Application Form


Terms & Conditions

All memberships are direct debit monthly payments paid one month in advance. Note that there are no refunds on unused sessions unless a valid doctor’s note can be provided. Also note that we require 24 hours’ notice of cancellations, as a full session charge will apply if 24 hours is not given.