Success Stories

Tom Honey

“Personal Training at EMF has helped me in ways I never thought possible. Thanks to Eoin & the team I feel better in every way. I look & feel better, sleep better, eat better, am less stressed, and happier day to day.

Before I started with EMF I thought I could do it alone. I managed to shift a few KG at home, but I was over-training, under-eating and felt tired, fatigued and run down.” Read more

Kieran O’Byrne

“I met Eoin a few years ago and knew quite quickly that he had a passion for helping others in more than just a physical training capacity. Years after denying that I would ever need a coach and direction with training, I eventually accepted that I needed more help. I never questioned that I would ask anybody else since I had immediately got a sense of trust having met him and knew he would help me see things more clearly.” Read more

Paul Barry, PT Success Story Update

“I wanted to see what could be done with some hard work and I am really pleased with the results. I lost a total of 10kg and now want to move forward and get down to 70kg and reduce my body fat even more. I really felt doing the shoot was a great motivator to keep me on track even when work would ramp up or when I was on holidays only a few weeks out from the shoot. I more or less kept to my normal diet throughout which was great as I didn’t have to do anything crazy or off the walls to get the weight moving.” Read more

Francis Courtney, PT Success Story

“I started training with Eoin a few years prior to his current business and I was very happy with my results which prompted me to contact him again when setting some new goals. His level of knowledge and professionalism is outstanding and I highly recommend his services to anyone I meet. My overall fitness and wellbeing improved throughout my program. I wanted to gain speed for my chosen field sport and as well as leaning down on body fat. I achieved this to great satisfaction while Eoin made sure to keep my training program fresh and everything was recorded throughout. Any questions asked via Facebook /email or text were answered quickly and this shows the level of service available.” Read more

Graeme Farrell, Online PT Success Story

“I began online coaching with Eoin, because contrary to my own knowledge and experience, I felt I needed someone to keep me in line.

Having studied with Eoin in the past, I knew how hard he works, and I was sure I’d be in good hands.” Read more

Declan O’Sullivan, PT Success Story

“At age 44 the mid life spread was starting to get more and more prominent and the scales were creeping up – heading towards 50 years old and 16 stone. Being new to the area EMF was both local and recommended through a friend who also had great results.

Outside the gym my weight has dropped from a lifetime high of 15 stone 2 pounds on the first of Feb to currently 13 stone 4 pounds.  Inside the gym I’ve seen the weights I’m lifting, “the tonnage” as Eoin called it, increasing over time. On the positive side this has lead to more energy and increased confidence. On the negative side I now have a few shirts that are too big for me.” Read more

John Whelan, PT Success Story

“I completed a number of races in 2016 (5k, 10k, half marathon). While my times were improving, I had a similar pattern to each race, really good posture for the first few miles and ended up looking at my feet for the last few miles. I wanted to improve my core & posture to compliment my running.” Read more

Martin Murphy, Personal Training Success Story

“A combination of factors made me decide to join EMF. To start with I have a “Jumpers Knee” injury preventing me from participating in a lot of cardio base activities. This resulted with me sitting of the sofa with the pounds piling on. So you could say the first reason I joined was for weight management. My wife had previously attended EMF classes and achieved excellent results so this gave me great faith in EMF. The second reason I joined was for stress release. No matter what you are doing in life we all get stressed and need some way to release the stress valve!” Read more

Ronan Byrne

My goal was to complete a half marathon this year and I knew I needed to backup my cardio training with gym work to avoid aggravating an old back injury. The main reason i had this goal was to lose weight and change my lifestyle in a positive way to avoid putting the weight back on. I knew a few people that were clients of EMF and all the feedback was very positive. Eoin was exactly what I needed from the point of view of changing bad habits without even realizing it.

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Kieran O Byrne – Online PT Client

“107 days of logging all my food and using Myfitnesspal until today as I am off to Cali. I was kind of annoyed at losing my streak but I realised that I have picked up some brilliant habits and have a much better idea of what my body needs thanks to your help Eoin. I am looking forward to starting again when I get back to Ireland but I am not worried at all about losing progress because I know I have put in enough hard work over the last few months with all your support and guidance. Heres to EMF for all the good work and many more months to follow. Really appreciate everything Eoin. Its always good to surround yourself with positive people that will help you achieve your health, fitness and fat loss goals. It just makes things so much easier in the long run”

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Robert Bennett. CIT record holder and Irish international athlete.

“The training and coaching received at EMF is top class. Eoin is a fellow athlete and this is a big help when it comes to training as he knows the demands required. The training sessions are very enjoyable; the serious work is done whilst having fun as well. If your having fun at what your doing, it makes things a lot easier” Read more

Billy Mullins. Personal training client

“I thought when I started it would take a couple of weeks to a month and I’d lose all the weight however Eoin assured me that while it would be slow and steady the odds of it coming back would be much lower. My ankles have never been so strong. On my first day in EMF I could not squat at all but now I can squat with 50kgs on my back and counting” Read more

Cian Dennehy

“I came to EMF because I was not happy with my shape and wanted to achieve a fat-loss goal. I came 3 evenings a week and in 4 months I achieved that goal thanks to Eoins help and guidance. I loved the training and found Eoins knowledge crucial for me to sort out my diet and get great results” “I have known Eoin many years so EMF was my first stop when I wanted to get in shape before travelling to America. I came to EMF because I was not happy with my shape and wanted to achieve a fat-loss goal. I came 3 evenings a week and in 4 months I achieved that goal thanks to Eoins help and guidance. I loved the training and found Eoins knowledge crucial for me to sort out my diet and get great results”

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Ciaran Kenny

I began training with EMF with the sole intention of trying to get into something resembling okay shape for the summer. A Big challenge. I work behind a desk with early mornings and long hours so I haven’t been leading the most active life style for a while now, with irregular eating and sporadic exercise.

My first fitness related meeting with Eoin, we talked solely about why I was here, what my goals were, what my expectations were and what sort of exercise/food I liked. This was followed by some pretty light training to see what kind of shape I was actually in (could I do some exercise and not die).

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Paddy Dwan. Joint Male personal training client of the year.

“Eoin is very professional and easy to work with. Pushes, motivates and encourages in equal measure and gets you to do your best. There is always a very good atmosphere at EMF and the people that train there are friendly and supportive of each other” Read more

Colm O Connor. Joint Male personal training client of the year.

Eoin helped me rehab my ankle and address my weight and 8 months later I am still here because I enjoy it immensely. I get told what to do by someone who knows what they are talking about. I personally feel better about myself due to my ability to work harder, have more confidence and getting in the morning looking forward to the day” Read more

Raymond Walsh. Irish Sprinter and CIT record holder.

“The reason I went to Eoin was that I needed to step my sporting profession up a gear, or a few. Eoin had recently finished a masters in Strength and Conditioning and was eager to get going, as was I. I needed someone with the knowledge and know how to help get me competing with the best. When I found out Eoin was an athlete in his day, it was more appealing to me, and instantly I knew he was well up with the demands and needs of an athlete. As he was just on my doorstep I couldn’t turn the opportunity down to be trained by him, everything is worth a try, and the way I was then I couldn’t possibly go backwards as it wasn’t an option, I needed someone who would be in the same mind frame as me and someone who wouldn’t be afraid of thinking outside the box.” Read more

Rachelle Owens

“Having had a previous unsuccessful personal training experience I had lost faith in my ability to enjoy exercise. My boyfriend had spoken very highly of EMF and after my initial consultation I knew I was on the right path to getting my love for exercise back. My main result is more of a mental one. I tend to be extremely critical of my body and often fail to see the good things. I now feel more comfortable in my clothes and in general happier. No longer am I obsessed with seeing the scales change but more excited about my ability to “lift weights” and feel stronger both mentally and physically” Read more

Fiona Duggan

I’ve joined lots of gyms before but never for too long, I have to admit I would get bored with the programmes very quickly & the gyms were quite impersonal.

I’ve suffered from back pain for a long time but it became quite sore in recent years. I’ve a busy job, mostly desk based, lots time in the car & three small children, I couldn’t seem to find/make the time to exercise properly & mind my back. My exercise usually consisted of a fast run with zero warm up/warm down (didn’t have time!). Read more

Geraldine Dennehy

I feel more people of my age should work out especially doing ‘Resistance Training’ .As one ages we lose muscle. Age has nothing to do with being fit at the end of the day. For me making the commitment was all I needed. I have found it difficult to work out on my own in the past so having Eoin there to show me what to do, motivate me to push harder and answer any questions I might have makes it a truly worthwhile experience

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Eve O Brien – Best Transformation

“I wanted to lose a stone and I did,  I lost 22 pounds, I learned about calorie in take and how to manage it in a way that suited me. I thought Eoin and Shane were really encouraging and genuinely felt like ye wanted me to do well it wasn’t fake or made up. The support was great through emails and Facebook. It really helped me stay on track when away from the gym which is important”

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Georgina Hallows

“Back in May 2016, I was fed up. I had gone out for my birthday with friends and felt miserable in myself. There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your own skin! I couldn’t deal with the stress of looking for clothes that hid all the parts I disliked anymore and said to myself ‘This is it, I need to make a change’ and that’s where EMF came into my life! I had heard about EMF through a friend, and decided to contact Eoin via Facebook. Eoin understood my goals and arranged for me to meet him to discuss food, my training plan etc, and I haven’t looked back since. Eoin’s approach to weight-loss and general fitness is second to none, he listens to your goals and guides you along the way, and of course the banter is great during training!

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Theresa Healy. Female fat-loss transformation

I went to EMF because I had seen the results of another person training with Eoin and decided I needed to do something for myself, to make me feel better about myself. That was my goal before I started and quickly realised that I wanted to be stronger as welI as loose weight.

Eoin made it very enjoyable and even though it was hard at the beginning to make my self go to training my attitude changed very quick. With his support I managed to reach my goal and also push for new ones.

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Louise Ryan. PT Client success story.

“I went to Eoin to tone up (decrease my body fat) , lift heavier weights and make overall improvements to my fitness levels. I Initially chose EMF for its location as I wanted to train near home, however after meeting Eoin, I had full trust in him immediately that he would be able to give me the dedicated help and guidance I needed to keep me on track and seeing results” Read more

Niamh Arnott Foley

The sessions are very enjoyable, I am performing exercises I would never have attempted on my own. Eoin keeps the workouts varied and challenging and monitors to ensure I have the right technique so I get the most out of each session. During the weights sessions I am performing exercises I would never have attempted on my own and lifting more than I ever thought possible. My weeks can become quite hectic with work and life but Eoin is always very accommodating if I need to reschedule a session to another day or time. Read more

Valerie Higgins. Class Member of the year.

“EMF is great craic (hard work )but the craic is mighty .. Eoin is a great coach and really explains everything in detail not just about how to do a movement but why which is always important as I have been to gyms before and told do this and that but never really understanding why” Read more

Emma Cahalane. Female personal training client of the year 2015.

“I really enjoyed training at EMF as I found other gyms to be a bit intimidating but found EMFs atmosphere to be fun, enjoyable and relaxed. Shed well over a stone and dropped a dress size but over my entire attitude to health and fitness has changed massively” Read more

Natasha Crowley.

“Eoin is incredibly supportive and was always on hand to motivate. Nothing was too much trouble and he always had great tips to help me along. I also liked that he really varied the workouts so you were never bored” I got in contact with Eoin to get started on a health and fitness regime. I was looking to improve my over all fitness and being so busy with work and working outside the norm of 9-5 I found it difficult to stick with specific classes or personal training appointments. I liked that with EMF online coaching you could do your workouts from home at a time that suited you. Training at home was the only option for me so I was glad to hear that was available. Read more