The Bridal Body

bridal body

  • 16 week bespoke program training twice per week.
  • Full tailored nutrition plan to help you feel energized and stay healthy throughout.
  • Specifically tailored resistance training to focus on arms, back and bum.
  • Constant email support to reduce stress and let you only worry about the things that matter.
  • Flexible session times in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Full measurements every 4 weeks to ensure progress and accountability.
  • Payment can be made in week 1 for the entire program with additional weeks added on if necessary to keep you training right up until the final week.


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How others have got on

“I would 100% recommend EMF for so many reasons. To support local business, the care you receive and mainly because it’s fun and it works. I do not think I can say more than that, join up, you won’t regret it”

Abigail Goggin


“The training is always fun but tough at times when it needs to be. Eoin is really supportive, while you are in the gym and through his online support when you are out. Although Eoin does push you to achieve results he is always conscious of your limitations. He knows we all have lives outside of the and ensures training makes our lives better not worse. I was really happy to see my body fat decrease and also see my strength increase at the very same time.”

Louise Ryan



“I really enjoyed training at EMF as I found other gyms to be a bit intimidating but found EMFs atmosphere to be fun, enjoyable and relaxed. Shed well over a stone and dropped a dress size but over my entire attitude to health and fitness has changed massively”

Emma Cahalane

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